Welcome to Oregon Du Drops


Celebrating Oregon Rain Under Glass

    As beads of dew capture creation in every drop, the liquid spheres of light artist James Stephen Du Bois has created and calls Oregon Du Drops do as well.


    Sparkling Oregon rain is suspended within the shimmering glass of recycled light bulbs, and hung from solid brass temple bells from India.


    With the help of his wife Cathleen (Cat Freshwater) Du Bois, this rain gatherer maintains a rain cellar with precipitation he’s been collecting and putting into Oregon Du Drops since October, 1999. 


    Come see them in person at the Balance & Light Gift Gallery at 450 Highway 101 South, (mail to P. O. Box 936), Rockaway Beach, Oregon 97136.  We are generally open from 10:00 to 5:00 pm; on Fridays and Saturdays we stay open until 6:00 pm; and on Sundays and Tuesdays we may not open until noon.

Many people commemorate

special events in their lives with exquisite

Oregon Du Drops

filled with Oregon rain gathered on the day

of their celebration.

Call 503-355-2541

“Oregon Du Drops are a tribute to the beauty of creation and a celebration of life-giving Oregon rain.”

                                                –Du Bois