Oregon Du Drop Mobiles

Examples of Mobiles Du Bois can Make for You

Many people commemorate each member of their family with an Oregon Du Drop and put them all together in a mobile.

A large space is needed for a mobile this size.

The Rainball on the left is reflecting the mobile it is a part of.

Not a lot of room required and it tinkles.  This one sold.  

Du Bois would be happy to make you one of your own.

Another large one.  Marriages, mergings of families, passings of loved ones, births and more have all been commemorated with an Oregon Du Drop mobile.

This was made for a home in the Rocky Mountains with cathedral ceilings.

Many shapes and sizes of Oregon Du Drops can be incorporated in the same mobile.

This is a picture of a couple mobiles in our yard in 2016.

Another variation of a "Singing Mobile".

Our front yard gallery display from another direction